Our History

1991 The St. James's Place Group was established in 1991 by Sir Mark Weinberg, Mike Wilson CBE and Lord Rothschild under the name of the J. Rothschild Assurance Group and started trading in 1992.
1997 In April 1997, the J. Rothschild Assurance Group effectively achieved a reverse takeover of St. James’s Place Capital, thereby securing a public listing on the Stock Exchange after just five years of trading. Its market capitalisation placed it within the FTSE 250 Index.
2000 In June 2000, Halifax Group plc acquired 60% of the issued share capital of
St. James's Place. Halifax merged with Bank of Scotland in September 2001 to create HBoS plc. In October, the company changed its name from J. Rothschild Assurance to St. James's Place.
2006 With effect from 9 May 2006, St. James’s Place Capital was renamed St. James’s Place.
2009 In January 2009, HBoS plc merged with Lloyds TSB to create ‘Lloyds Banking Group plc’.
2013 In December 2013, Lloyds Banking Group disposed of its remaining holding in
St. James’s Place.
2014 In March 2014, St. James’s Place entered the FTSE 100.

In June 2014, St. James’s Place acquired The Henley Group, one of Asia’s leading wealth management advice companies.
2016 In March 2016, St. James’s Place acquired Rowan Dartington to create the group’s discretionary fund management and stockbroking arm.