Advice For Businesses

Running a business today takes a great deal of hard work and commitment. Increasingly, the pressures of running a successful business take priority over the time spent on planning your and your employees’ financial security.

St. James’s Place Partners are not only experts in their chosen fields – they also have access to other specialists so that, through one relationship, your business can benefit from expert advice in every area of corporate financial planning.

  1. corporate planning

    Corporate Planning

    The death or serious illness of a key director or employee can have far-reaching or even disastrous consequences for a business.

  2. shareholder


    As a shareholder your focus is on working with your fellow shareholders to make your business successful.

  3. employee benefits

    Employee Benefits

    Having an effective benefits and remuneration strategy that is clearly communicated and appreciated by your employees can really help you to retain and recruit high calibre employees.

  4. corporate pensions

    Corporate Pensions

    If you are running a successful business, how can you use that to generate financial security in retirement?

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