Nearing Retirement

nearing retirement

In retirement your income from employment or self-employment may be replaced by an income from an annuity.

This is purchased by your pension fund from an appropriate annuity provider, securing you an income for life, no matter how long you live. Our whole of market approach to annuities will find the most appropriate annuity for you, taking into account your health circumstances to see whether an enhanced, or standard, annuity will provide you with more income.

When approaching this life stage, the right type of advice can make a huge difference.  Your St. James’s Place Partner can guide you through all the options to help you make the right decision regards your annuity purchase, whether you can draw your whole fund as a cash lump sum, or whether a pension drawdown would be more suitable.

Alternatively drawdown is an option which may appeal to experienced investors. This allows you to take an income from your retirement fund rather than buying an annuity, but due to the risks involved you will need to take specialist advice.

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The level of income is not guaranteed. There is a very real chance that you may need to reduce your drawdown income in the future, in particular, if the performance of your investments is lower than expected, or you live to a greater age than originally anticipated when choosing your initial income level. 

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